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Happy 1st Birthday, Making Waves!

Making Waves Counseling and Wellness, PLLC, opened it's doors exactly a year ago today. We cant believe it either. Our owner started Making Waves Counseling and Wellness in just 30 short days all on her own. The name of Making Waves was carefully curated by the owner and her sister. They landed on Making Waves due to the owners love for the beach and her ties to the Coastal area. The term 'Making Waves' is an old sailor saying for "creating a significant impression' or 'rocking the boat'. The owner wanted something that resonated with her deeply and gave her a connection to her brand/business. Thus, Making Waves Counseling and Wellness was born.

This website originally started out years ago as a blog when the owner worked for other private practices. It served as a place for her to put her thoughts without fear of judgement or fear of trying to be changed. The original name was Waypoint. A waypoint is a point on a map and often gives us a sense of direction. Waypoints are often used as nautical points on a map to help with sailing so you have an idea of where you are going. The owner meshed the two together and you can read more here about our name origin story.

Making Waves started out in a small room with not 1 window but our owner was not picky, she was just happy to have a space to call her own. Eventually, she moved into a bigger space with a private balcony and was able to provide a quality experience for her clients.

Our owner also started a podcast on Spotify called 'Thoughts from your Therapist'. This podcast was also another place for her to put her thoughts about life, work, being a therapist and also just being a human. Life can be hard and we should not have to navigate it alone. Our owner can also be seen on TIK TOK as a content creator.


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