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How to increase happiness

“Studies show that 50% of individual differences in happiness are determined by genes, 10% by life circumstances, and 40% by our intentional activities. Most of us aren’t flourishing. Nationally representative samples of U.S. adults indicate that slightly more than half of us (54%) are “moderately mentally healthy yet not flourishing – that is, we lack great enthusiasm for life and are not actively and productively engaged with the world” (Lyubomirsky, Sonja).

Happiness can look and feel differently to everybody. Happiness can translate into contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, and joy but how often do you experience these emotions? Often individuals can feel stuck or unhappy in their daily lives due to relationship conflict, emotional distress, work issues, and so much more.

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Here are some quick tips for increasing happiness in your everyday life:

· Finding a community and sense of belonging

· Practicing gratitude and self-compassion

· Increasing positive self-talk and thinking by not ruminating

· Mindfulness and staying in the present moment

· Setting goals that align with your personal values

· Slow and active movement to stimulate your brain (Yoga, walking, meditation, etc)

· Get plenty of sleep

· Acknowledge the unhappy moments & practice letting the emotions move through you

If you are interested in learning more about The How to Happiness, check out Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book by clicking on the book


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